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Hi there. My name is Giselle. This is my personal blog for randomness and ramblings. I also run the F*** Yeah Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman blog (http://fuckyeahelfmanboingo.tumblr.com) and the F*** Yeah Charles Hardin "Buddy" Holl(e)y blog (http://fuckyeahbuddyholly.tumblr.com), F*** Yeah Raphael Saadiq blog (http://fuckyeahraphaelsaadiq.tumblr.com) AND the F*** Yeah Todd Rundgren blog (http://fuckyeahtoddrundgren.tumblr.com)and a blog for hard to find or forgotten about old school music (http://obscureoldies.tumblr.com). So if you like Danny Elfman and/or Oingo Boingo, Buddy Holly, Raphael Saadiq or Todd Rundgren, or old music in general, feel free to check those out! (Hehe) I am an old soul so I would most likely have a lot of music related posts, but I'll also reblog a bunch of things I like, so anyways...hope you enjoy!

My Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo blog  my buddy holly blog  My Raphael Saadiq blog   My Todd Rundgren blog  My Facebook Artwork Page!  

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